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Welcome to Disability Inclusion Network (DIN)

A business resource group for members of the Disabled Community and their allies in Washington State service.

Come join us and see what we are about.

General Membership Meetings are open to all state employees and their allies. They are currently held via zoom.

Meetings Second Thursday of Every Month 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
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1st Annual DIN Respect, Acceptance, and Dignity of persons with Disabilities (RADD) AWARDS!

2022 DIN RADD Award Winners

This award is for state agencies, higher education institutions, divisions, managers, teams and/or individuals working in state employment that have shown exemplary leadership in Disability Inclusion.

Our Mission

To engage the experience, values and knowledge of
people with disabilities in state government, promote
universal access, and create an environment where
people with disabilities can fully participate in all
aspects of the workplace.

Our Vision

To see Washington State as an Employer of Choice
ensuring people with disabilities have equitable
access and resources through recruitment, hiring,
training, development, retention and promotion.


We are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion.

Expanding resources and education about working with a disability.

Committed to employing people according to their skill and vision.

Development of leadership opportunities for employees with a disability.

Improving and influencing agency culture through increased awareness and open dialogue.

Support and advocacy for Washington State Service employees, allies, and caregivers

Charter and By-Laws

Our Charter and By-laws includes information about membership, roles and
responsibilities, elections, supporting agencies, meetings, subcommittees, activities
plan, and staffing/operational costs.

Our Leadership

Irvin “Vin”  Harmon 

Linda Lohdefinck 
Vice Chair 

Jarrod Irvin

Angela "Ann" Boone
Communications and Marketing Director

Michael MacKillop
Executive Sponsor

Sarah Norton 
Past Chair